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Agô – 2020
Okê Arô – 2020
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Study of Abstract #1
Private apartment Rome


I call my “intuitive art”, because it is by intuition that I get to the creative process.
After immersing myself in the visual, anthropological, cultural traditions of a place, I let my intuition generate a creative bridge between those traditions and the white paper. There is no project and no pre-established plan. I start from a theme that becomes a sign, and then a geometry, and from geometry a kaleidoscope of shapes and symbols. I feel guided moment by moment by an inspiration that transcends me, in connection with the vibrations of places, stories, legends and people.

This is what my drawing breathes.

Who I am

I am a Brazilian self-taught artist,  art is a field of investigation, research, expression, a space of freedom and spirituality. I have always been working in the field of drawing and design, previously I was a jewels designer. Starting from the raw matter, I enjoyed  molding the metals into beautiful and graceful forms.

Geometry and harmony have always been my guidelines on the way to grace. With the same intentions I later moved to the paper, where I have found “my” way.

I am in love with the languages and the stories of the various peoples of the world, in my drawings I explore the visual and symbolic legacies belonging to artistic traditions of the places I visit.

The Afro-brazilian indigenous culture is the one that most inspires and guides my creativity, as well as my life experiences and the animal and natural forms that characterize my childhood in the north of Brazil.

In some drawings you can find traces of my passage in Italy and especially in Sardinia, with its Nuragic history. 

In the last drawings you can se eclectic forms and new experiments due to some months spent in Berlin.

I experience life and art as a costant changing, and everything around and consequently inside myself contributes to my journey, with lessons, intuitions, enrichment and enlightment