The Nature of Three

Natural Mystic

Ink on white paper
42 x 29,7 cm

As I always do, I free myself through my drawings and I support the intuitive act of creation without external reference! Lately these three palm trees have appeared. I have a personal interpretation of this drawing, but remember: my art is free and that everyone can see what they want! It reminds me my childhood in the Brazilian forests, I have discovered that I am connected with the nature of the three. Studying number 3 I discovered that it is related to creativity, exuberance of life, 3 is responsible for influencing people’s expression and sensitivity. It is linked to the symbology of the triangle, perfect geometric symbol, that can be found in any culture and religion as an archetypal sign of power and spirituality. In the Egyptian culture, in esotericism, and in all religions 3 is a number that brings powerful mystic meanings. The three brings together the ideals necessary for spiritual maturation: faith, hope and charity. What a surprise to discover all that… because at the end of this year, it’s exactly what I think everybody needs to have… faith, hope and charity. Our goal is a spiritual growth, which will bring prosperity in any aspect of our lives!


dimensions: 42×29,7 cm
price: 1250 €

dimensions: 50×70 cm
price: 150 €

dimensions: 32×48 cm
price: 50 €

dimensions: 24X33 cm
price: 35 €